Your Child's Day

At Stockport Village Nursery we plan each day to ensure your child’s steady development and progression. We will build their confidence through praise, recognition and continuous support. The structure of the day is tailored to encourage your child to flourish and naturally inspire them to love learning.

Drop off and breakfast
Drop off is a crucial time of the day, our experienced staff will make sure your child gets the best start to the day and is relaxed and settled when you leave. This is also a crucial time for you to let us know whether or not your child has slept well or if they are upset for some reason so we can make sure the necessary attention is given.
We will encourage your child to select an activity or area of play that they particularly enjoy easing them into the productive day ahead. The state of mind your child starts the day will generally reflect their mood throughout. hence the reason we do everything we can to make them happy first thing in the morning... Let's face it, no one likes an early start.
Lunch time (approx. 11:30am)
Our nursery ethos is to create a family type environment amongst both the staff and the children and we try to instil this into everything we do, we get the children talking over lunch about the food and create an enjoyable happy environment. we ensure your child is introduced to a range of healthy foods which they will hopefully continue to love as they grow up.
Sleep time (shhh)
Regular sleeps for younger babies throughout the day is incredibly important in the early stages and they will likely need several daily sleeps. The amount of sleep your child needs will reduce as they get older to just one sleep which is ideally placed after lunchtime. We will work with you to establish a routine that suits your child’s specific needs.
Throughout the afternoon your child will enjoy a range of activities designed to enable them to play and explore, discover, and grow, learn, and understand. Your child will be encouraged to build their confidence and understanding though praise, recognition, and support. the afternoon is a time for learning and stimulating your child’s mind.
Tea time (around 3:30pm)
At about 3.30pm the children sit down to tea, although a little lighter than lunch, this meal still consists of a healthy main course prepared by our chef using all fresh ingredients and a delicious pudding which is guaranteed to leave a satisfied smile on their face at the end of the day.
Home time (around 6:00pm)
When you arrive to take your child home, our nursery teams will be available to share any information about their day, pass on any important messages and to chat with you about what they are learning and how they are developing.

Caring for your children.

Established since 1995 we have been caring for your children for over 25 years. Our team is tried and tested and you can be sure your children are in safe hands.