Catering Information

We currently have a 3 weekly menu as recommended by Ofsted in their 'eat better, start better guide'. Children are provided with a variety of homemade dishes daily.

All meals and cows milk are included in your nursery fees, however you will need to provide any formula your baby needs.

Food is freshly made on site (never kept for a later date) by a qualified nursery cook. A qualification in food hygiene and handling is required for all staff involved in the preparation of food. If you child/children require lunch they must be in nursery for 11.30am as food cannot be reheated.

Fresh produce & vegetarian options available

Lunchtime meals are followed by a fromage frais and tea is always served with a variety of fruit & salad sticks. We use as much fresh produce as possible. A vegetarian option is offered where necessary & we try to cater for all dietary requirements where possible. (Please feel free to discuss this with us.)

Staff in the baby room will discuss stages of weaning with parents on settling and will follow whatever weaning stage and preference you do at home. Once your baby is weaned they will be offered the same as the older children, depending on what stage they are at it will be pureed until they are ready for different textures.

Catering Schedule

Children have access to drinking water throughout the day and are given the option of milk or water with meals.

  • Breakfast - 9 am – 9.30 am

    Babies are offered a variety of items, croissants, toast, cereal and fruit. All other children have a choice of toast or cereal.

  • Lunch - 11:30 am – 12.00 pm

    Please see menu overleaf

  • Tea - 3:00 pm – 3.30 pm

    We try to make tea as substantial as possible to keep the children going until they get home.

Caring for your children.

Established since 1995 we have been caring for your children for over 25 years. Our team is tried and tested and you can be sure your children are in safe hands.