Our oldest children are in our classroom and have often gone right through from the babyroom. Our main aim is to ensure that they are confident socially.


3-5 years
  • Mark Making Area​
  • Workshop/Painting Area​
  • Roleplay/Home corner Area – this is changed regularly to cover different topics
  • Fine Manipulative Area
  • Quiet Area/Story Corner
  • Messy Area (Sand, Water & Malleable)​
  • Construction Area​
  • Small World Area

The children can access all of the toys and equipment within the room at any time, giving them free choice, the children are not restricted to a regimented routine and playtime enables them to choose what they want to play with.

We make a big deal out of meal times and children help with setting up the tables, counting out plates, cutlery and cups. They also go up to collect there meals just like they would when they go to school. The Pre-School children love outdoor play and have a couple of playing out areas which they make use of; These are used for physical play such as bikes, running, jumping. In the outdoor classroom area they are roleplay, construction, arts and crafts and a story area.

Your child will be given a Key Worker and it is their responsibility to work closely with and monitor your child, ensuring they are being given the best care and that they are completely happy.

“We thrive off the relationship we have with the parents and key children.”