Nursery Classes

These rooms are larger than the Toddlers, enabling more opportunity to develop physical skills and encouraging more group activity.

Nursery Classes

2-3 years
  • Messy area (sand, water, malleable play & mark making)
  • Small world play
  • Role play area/ Home Corner
  • Construction area
  • Exploratory area
  • Book/story area

Your child will have access to all areas of continuous provision and this means that the children can explore the areas as they want and play where they feel comfortable. We have got access to a large outside area, which is used as an extension of the room.  We have a shop area/kitchen to incorporate role play into our outdoors. We also have a maths and literacy areas with additional resources 

“We eat our snacks and meals in the room; which gives the children opportunity to socialise and build on their existing skills using our table manners and being polite to one another”

Each child is assigned their own key worker, and during the day they will spend time playing with and observing their key children, which gives opportunities for the key worker to identify future learning activities for their key child. We also provide a secure and comfortable sleep area separate in the main room for the children when needed. We liaise with the parent about sleep patterns and preferences so that the child’s normal routine is not disrupted. A qualified member of staff is with them to reassure, comfort and supervise them during this time. Nappy changing area for the 2-3’s is located in the bathroom. Many children of this age are toilet training and children are taken to the toilet at regular intervals and supervised at all times. The children are encouraged to become independent at this time by starting to wash and dry their own hands.

We have a water station to encourage the children to drink regularly throughout the day.